Certified and environmentally aware - our cleaning systems


Cleanliness is our business

Especially in the food logistics cleanliness plays a special role. To ensure this we have established at our four locations, Rheine, Krefeld, Barby and Großbeeren, own cleaning equipment for silo and tank vehicles, as well as for IBCs.

These ultramodern installations allow not only us but also other vehicles, a reliable, efficient and environmentally friendly cleaning.

At all sites, we issue the EFTCO Cleaning Document (ECD). In addition, through our cleaning stations interior cleaning corresponding to DOW specifications. Furthermore, we are able to clean tankers with  kosher and halal procedures. Even it is possible to clean for Polymerindustrie and clean according to the association of the fruit juice industry. In addition, our cleaning stations perform interior cleaning according to a wide variety of customer requirements.

At the sites Rheine and Barby we also feature each a cleaning sheet for exterior truck wash. Here we can wash any type of truck and trailer.

The cleaning of IBCs is possible at our locations in Krefeld and Großbeeren.

The cleaning of hazardous material is not possible.

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