Whistleblower system of the Steinkühler group of companies


Thank you for your interest in the whistleblower system of the Steinkühler group of companies.




Compliance with laws and internal standards based on our compliance guidelines is of enormous importance to the Steinkühler group of companies.


You have the opportunity to draw our attention to potential risks and violations so that we can prevent damage to our employees, the company, its business partners and third parties.


We would like to encourage you to report any violations of the rules that you observe in connection with our group of companies or any cases where you suspect misconduct for specific reasons.


We recommend that you use the whistleblower system set up for our group of companies to submit information. If you wish, you can make a report completely anonymously, but you can also provide your contact details.


If you would like to report something, please click on the link below:

Alternatively, we offer you the opportunity to submit a report in person over the phone:




Phone: 05971 / 809696






Please note that our whistleblower system is not intended for general complaints. If you are unsatisfied with regard to a service provided by our group of companies, please contact the relevant department to work together on a solution.


Thank you for your understanding and your constructive contributions!

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